Joe Scarborough Nails GOP Hypocrisy Over Donald Trump With Obama-Themed Game

There are no prizes for guessing the outcome of the MSNBC host's impromptu game show.

Joe Scarborough called out GOP hypocrisy over President Donald Trump’s reported plan to declare a national emergency to fund the U.S.-Mexico border wall by playing a game he called, “What if Barack Obama?”

The co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” asked The New York Times’ conservative columnist Bret Stephens to imagine how conservatives would have reacted had the former president declared a national emergency instead of issuing an executive order on immigration in 2014.

Scarborough asked: “What if Barack Obama declared a national emergency on an issue that was actually at a better place than it had been in half a century but used that national emergency to seize private property from Texas ranchers, Texas farmers, Texas families and Texas small property, small business owners?”

Stephens claimed it was “a game I play all the time.”

He continued:

I mean, what if Barack Obama had gone to Kim Jong Un hat in hand, then declared at the State of the Union that peace had been achieved? What if Barack Obama had seized the notes of his translator following his secret meetings with Vladimir Putin? I mean, the list goes on, endlessly, and the number of heads exploding at the Heritage Foundation, other conservative think tanks, would have been almost in megaton range in terms of the quantity of explosion here.