Joe Scarborough: Fox News, Rush Limbaugh Have Not Been Good For GOP (VIDEO)

WATCH: Scarborough Lashes Out At Fox News

Joe Scarborough lashed out at conservative "media culture" on Tuesday's "Morning Joe," telling viewers that Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have not been good for the Republican party.

Scarborough urged Republicans to look beyond those two outlets. "Just for conservatives that think they have to stay in their own little media world, since Rush Limbaugh went on the air and became a national figure, Republicans have lost five out of the last six presidential elections in the popular vote," he said. "Since Fox News went on the air in 1996, Republicans have lost four out of the five last —"

"Please keep doing what you're doing," co-host Mika Brzezinski joked.

"When Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon had to go up against a media culture that absolutely hated them... and there were no conservative outlets, they won 49 states," Scarborough continued. He said that he turns to conservative outlets as well as mainstream media, but added, "for people who think they have to stay in the little box, I got bad news for you: it's not working."

The MSNBC host has been a vocal critic of conservative media, who he once said are "destroying the Republican party everyday," he said in December. Scarborough has also raged against conservative bloggers — or as he calls them, "the Cheetos brigade" — for calling him and others a RINO ("Republican in name only").

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