Joe Scarborough, Glenn Beck Feud Erupts (VIDEO)

A war of words erupted between Joe Scarborough and Glenn Beck on Tuesday, after Scarborough said that Beck was delivering a "vile message to Americans every day," and Beck said that Scarborough could never back up his assertions with facts.

Scarborough spoke on Tuesday's "Morning Joe." He was talking about his hope that amped-up media rhetoric would cool down in the wake of the Arizona shooting, and he used Beck as an example:

"I have a lot of family members that listen to him and watch him and are frightened by the things that he says every night with his mom and a lot of other people like her that watch him every day start to believe if they hear every day, every day, that there's this guy in Washington D.C., this black guy that hates all white people and he wants to take your money . . . and he wants to destroy the country you grew up in. You feed that vile message to Americans every day, it's going to have an impact."


Scarborough also said that Beck was a "nobody" until Fox News chief Roger Ailes brought him to his network. "If Roger Ailes decides to kick him out of Fox News, he'll go back to the Glenn Beck he was before," he said.

Beck--and, especially, his radio sidekicks--responded later on Tuesday. Beck's co-host Pat Gray was the most outraged by Scarborough's statements.

"How do you know what Glenn Beck says and does," he almost screamed. "You moron. Joe, there's a reason that everyone you know listens to and watches Glenn's show, including your mom, and not yours: you suck!"

But Beck also had some words for Scarborough."Every day on their show you hear about how the Tea Parties are violent," he said. "What is the difference, except that one has facts to back it up and one does not?"