Joe Scarborough: GOP Donors 'Lied To By 'Conservative Media' (VIDEO)


It's becoming a running theme of post-election analysis: the GOP has been living in a bubble.

Ever since Mitt Romney lost to President Obama -- a loss that reportedly shocked him -- pundits and analysts have pinpointed the conservative media as one of the problems facing the GOP. On Monday, Politico led with a story about the GOP's "media cocoon," which it said prevented it from seeing a true picture of the election.

Or, as writer David Frum put it, "Republicans have been fleeced and exploited and lied to by a conservative entertainment complex."

On Monday's "Morning Joe," Joe Scarborough added to the growing list of takedowns. Speaking about the donors who poured hundreds of millions of dollars into conservative Super PACs, he said they should be mad that they were "lied to" by conservative media:

"If I were a donor, my biggest problem would be that I was lied to. I was lied to by the, as David Frum said, the conservative entertainment establishment. I mean, the conservative media establishment. They lied to the donors, they lied to the base, they lied to everybody about how Romney was ahead and things were looking good in the Senate. The pollsters lied. Everybody lied! And so guys keep writing checks and find out the reason they went to Minnesota and Pennsylvania is because all of these people that were saying Romney was going to win Ohio, they knew he was not going to win Ohio. They knew all along!"

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