MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Wants Hillary Clinton To Admit She 'Screwed Up'

Joe Scarborough just wants Hillary Clinton to say she's sorry.

During a segment revolving around a recent blockbuster New York Times story claiming the former secretary of state had used a private email address during her time in office, the "Morning Joe" host railed against the Clintons' ability to shift blame off themselves in times of scandal. Scarborough took umbrage with "Hard Ball" guest Jess McIntosh's assertion that if we "spend the next few months debating how long something was kept on a server, the American electorate is going to flock to a third party."

"It’s always about servers," Scarborough began. "It’s never about the law being broken. It’s never about lying under oath. It’s never about lying in depositions. It’s never lying before a grand jury. It’s never about misusing your office. It’s never about what it’s about.”

Though Mika Brzezinski implored her co-host to see that McIntosh had been joking with her "server" remark and proceed with introducing the day's panel, Scarborough would not relent.

“I don’t know why they can’t just say, ‘I screwed up! I made a mistake! I am sorry. I was too clever by half. I want your trust. And what I did was not about a vast right wing conspiracy. It wasn’t just about a server. It was about my poor judgment. I’m really sorry,'" he said. "And guess what everybody would say? ‘Okay.’”

“But there is something in the Clintons that do not allow them," Scarborough continued. "There’s always a vast right wing conspiracy. There’s always the media coming after them. There’s always a blood sport. It’s never about them when, in fact, it’s always about them."

Amid his rant, Scarborough pointed out that he's actually been a fan of Clinton's and thought she ran an "extraordinary" campaign during the 2008 presidential election.

"I love Hillary. She's my girlfriend," Scarborough said at the time. "We don't like to talk about it much."

Well, it looks like the honeymoon's over.