Joe Scarborough: Jon Stewart A "Very, Very Angry Guy," May Have "Napoleonic Complex"

Joe Scarborough: Jon Stewart A "Very, Very Angry Guy," May Have "Napoleonic Complex"

Here's a great media feud for your Wednesday in June! In one corner, MSNBC's Starbucks-sponsored glee club, Morning Joe, and in the other corner, place-where-the-kids-get-their-news-these-days The Daily Show. See, it goes like this: Jon Stewart, as is his wont, made fun of the recent Morning Joe/Starbucks co-branding. And then Joe Scarborough got mad, because obviously their big show of Starbucks-loving was an over-the-top joke, of epic Del Closian dimensions, and surely there was someone at The Daily Show who could discern this. But Stewart and his writers chose to make sarcastic fun of Morning Joe again. It's almost as if the lesson here is that maybe if you go out of your way to set up jokes for professional comedy writers, they will hand you your ass, with humor!

Anyway, Joe Scarborough was on the air today "speaking out" on this again, because he's angry at Jon Stewart. Or maybe he's not! Maybe this is one big joke, and if you take it seriously, you're the big dumb jerk with no sense of humor! Who knows? There's an art to having it both ways, I guess. And, hey, for all I know, maybe this "feud" is all one big fake out like the Bruno-Eminem gag from the MTV Movie Awards. Maybe everybody on both shows planned for Jon and Joe to be taint-to-face at this very moment, for comedy. I know this makes me want to buy Starbucks coffee like it was going out of style, which it surely is, because of the recession.

Anyway, here's a video of Joe Scarborough calling Jon Stewart a "very, very, angry guy" with a "Napoleonic complex." Because he's short! Like Napoleon! The joke just works on so many levels. Truly, this is an evenly matched battle of wits.


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