Joe Scarborough: My Blackberry Goes Crazy Every Time Obama Speaks

During the post-South Carolina primary coverage last night on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough used a very interesting metric to evaluate the popularity of Barack Obama: Blackberry buzz. "My blackberry starts going off like crazy every time this man speaks, and it is from Republicans," said Scarborough. "It is from conservative Republicans, it is from independents, it is from Democrats, and do you know what they say? 'I believe.' I've never seen anything like this before."

Scarborough addressed his comments to Pat Buchanan following Obama's victory speech, along with the other members of MSNBC's post-SC results panel (which also included Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg and Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post). Buchanan agreed with ETP that Obama's speech was defiant and had an undercurrent of anger, which he said was so strong toward the Clintons that you'd think he was talking about George Wallace. Ironically, George Wallace carried South Carolina in 1975.

(NB: That's according to Wikipedia and I can't find it anywhere else, so feel free to correct me in comments. I do know that Pat Buchanan did not carry South Carolina.)