Joe Scarborough: Obama Might Not Run For Re-Election (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough said he thinks it is possible that President Obama could choose not to run for re-election.

Obama has already officially kicked off his re-election campaign, and, though he surely faces a fierce 2012 fight, there have been no signs that he is thinking of stepping away from his bid. Nevertheless, Scarborough said that the idea was not so far-fetched.

The impetus for the conversation was the comments Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney made about the idea of Hillary Clinton running for the presidency in 2012. Speaking on CBS News, Clinton dismissed the idea. On Monday's "Morning Joe," Mika Brzezinski similarly scoffed at the notion. Scarborough was not so ready to scoff, however.

"There are a lot of Democrats that would love his wife to be on the ticket," he said. Brzezinski practically did a spit-take, rolling her eyes, murmuring and generally making it clear she disagreed with Scarborough.

"Easy to say," she said.

"You always get collective rolling of the eyes when you talk about this, but it is a possibility," Scarborough said. "Nobody on September 19, 1967, ever dreamed in a million years that six months later, Lyndon Johnson would announce...that he was not running for re-election...if these numbers keep going down, is there any possibility that this president decides to step down?"

None of the other panelists on the show thought it was remotely possible that Obama would step down. Scarborough continued his line of thinking, though, saying that it seems to him as though Obama feels "he's doing America a favor and that he hears at the end of the day that America is not worthy of him." He said he thought it was possibly "at some point...that somebody like Hillary could step in."


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