Joe Scarborough 'Apologizes' To Politifact For Clinton Foundation Comment


Joe Scarborough broke into "Morning Joe" Wednesday to give a "profound, devout, whole-hearted" apology to Politifact.

Well, sort of.

"[There's] something I need to get off my chest" Scarborough said, turning to the camera. "I'm not a big fan of public confessions, but I must offer a heartfelt apology to Politifact."

The fact-checking journalism website called out the MSNBC host last week for comments he made during the April 27 show about foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation.

In response to an op-ed in the Washington Post that noted an undocumented $500,000 gift to the foundation from Algeria, Scarborough suggested that the donation could have been an attempt by Algeria's government to get off of the State Department's "terror list."

Politifact called his claim a flub, arguing that Algeria was never on the terror list in the first place. The website wrote that contrary to Scarborough's comment, the donation actually came during a time when Algeria was "lobbying visits to the State Department about human rights violations."

Scarborough joked that getting this "irrelevant footnote" incorrect was "unforgivable."

"So, Politifact, let me get this straight," Scarborough said. "The Clinton Foundation was taking the money not to get off the terror list, they were throwing them money at the same time they wanted the State Department to get them off a list for their gross human rights abuses towards women. I hope I've cleared that up."

Scarborough also pointed out that his error was made while doing "a three-hour conversation without teleprompters or scripts or the very things that every other news show in America is chained to."

The "MJ" panel was pleased with his apology.

"Joe, I think anyone interested and concerned with the concept of accuracy feels relieved today," guest Mike Barnicle teased. "It takes a big man to say he is sorry."

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