Joe Scarborough: 'Pot Just Makes You Dumb'

Joe Scarborough argued against pot legalization on Friday's "Morning Joe" because "pot just makes you dumb."

The MSNBC host weighed in on the ongoing national debate. "I don't get the legalization thing," he began. "Pot just makes you dumb."

Scarborough's proof came from his experiences playing music "with a lot of guys in bands and on football teams that smoked pot."

"I hung around a lot of guys that smoked a lot of pot and never once did I say 'Hey, man, that looks like something I want to do,'" he recalled. "Never smoked it because everybody that ever did just looked dumb as hell. I'm sitting there going, 'Wait a second. I'm challenged enough as it is. Why do i want a hammer and hit myself in the head and make my odds for success even longer?'"

But even he was temporarily stumped when contributor Mark Halperin wondered, "Does drinking make you dumb?"

"In large amounts, yeah, it makes you dumb," Scarborough said.



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