Joe Scarborough Addresses Romney-Ryan Chant Video: The 'Conspiracy Theories Are Getting Out Of Hand' (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough hammered conservative bloggers on Monday over allegations that "Morning Joe" doctored a video of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Last week, the MSNBC show reported that Romney and his running mate were at a campaign stop when the crowd started cheering "Ryan!" and Romney tried to add his name to the chant. The Huffington Post reported Scarborough's reaction to the video. Later, other news organizations said that the crowd had actually been chanting "Romney!" and that Romney was trying to include Ryan's name in the cheer.

Scarborough dismissed what he called a "fake controversy" over the video on Twitter over the weekend, and sounded off on-air Monday.

He compared the "Morning Joe" clip to a CSPAN clip and said that some people heard "Romney" while others heard "Ryan," but that Romney looked "goofy" all the same, which was what caused him to react in "mock horror." He said that "Morning Joe" reported the same story as Politico.

"This began the great debate among the Cheetos brigade as to whether or not I — who has declared that he is voting for Mitt Romney — is trying to throw the election by doctoring the tape and cracking a joke," he said, scoffing at conservative bloggers. "Really guys? Your conspiracy theories are getting out of hand."

He told conservative bloggers to "put the Cheetos down" and "get out of your mom's basement" if they wanted to get Romney elected. "At the end of the day, it just makes them look silly," he said.

"And don't accuse our staff of doctoring tapes," co-host Mika Brzezinski added.

"That's what bothers me the most," Scarborough said. "These guys work through the night."

He also addressed calls to boycott the show, telling critics to please do so. "Your boycotts have helped us have the best month ever," he said.



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