Jessica Simpson's Father Joe Simpson's Twitter Account Hacked

Hacker Tweets Awful Messages From Joe Simpson's Account
Jessica Simpson and Joe Simpson (Photo by Kevin Mazur Archive 1/WireImage)
Jessica Simpson and Joe Simpson (Photo by Kevin Mazur Archive 1/WireImage)

It looks like Jessica Simpson's father has learned a hard lesson about Internet security.

Us Weekly has confirmed that Joe Simpson's verified Twitter account was hacked on Monday (Dec. 16), and that he was locked out for a full hour while someone posted horrible tweets using his name.

In the relatively short amount of time, the hacker posted more than 40 messages from Simpson's account, several of which accused him of child molestation. Though the tweets were deleted immediately once Simpson regained control of his account, Gossip Cop reports that the hacker wrote, “I’ve used my ‘name’ and abused my power. I’ve molested multiple and can provide proof. Everyone should know.”

The hacker then went on to broadcast, "It’s true – i’ve molested people … I’ve molested kids.”

As the strange tweets continued, followers caught on that the account had been hacked, to which the impostor replied, “For those who are wondering … my account has not been hacked but as I said I would remove those tweets … see I can get away with anything ;)”

Simpson has since taken back control of his account, but no further details or guesses as to who pulled the stunt have been released. The offending tweets have been deleted and Simpson has since posted the following message:

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