Joe The Plumber Fights With Israeli Reporter

Joe The Plumber Fights With Israeli Reporter

Joe the Plumber has been reporting from Israel in his new position as Pajamas Media war correspondent.

The campaign trail celebrity went to war to correct what he saw as a glaring oversight in the journalism field: "They're supposed to bring the news to you unbiased. They're supposed to actually report it and then let you make your opinion ... What I can provide are actual real questions and get real answers. I'm not talking manufactured answers, I'm not talking soundbites...And uh, not giving it any kind of slants."

Talking to reporters in Israel, Joe went even further, suggesting that journalists shouldn't be allowed anywhere near war zones: "I don't think journalists should be anywhere allowed war (sic). I mean, you guys report where our troops are at. You report what's happening day to day. You make a big deal out of it. I think it's asinine. You know, I liked back in World War I and World War II when you'd go to the theater and you'd see your troops on, you know, the screen and everyone would be real excited and happy for them. Now everyone's got an opinion and wants to downer-and down soldiers. You know, American soldiers or Israeli soldiers."

It's not clear how this philosophy jibes with this exchange, transcribed by Firedoglake, where Joe tries to force an Israeli reporter to judge whether or not the country is "bad."

JOE: The story here is people are being killed and the media's slanting it and trying to make it Hamas is, uh, as far as, that Israel's being bad. Do you believe Israel is bad?

REPORTER: Do I believe it?

JOE: Yeah, do you?!

REPORTER: I'm Israeli, so...

JOE: So answer the question!

REPORTER: No, I don't think Israel is bad.

JOE: Do you think Israel has every right to protect itself?



JOE: You do?!


JOE: Have you said that on air?

REPORTER: I'm just a reporter.

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