Joe The Plumber Campaigning On Specter's EFCA Vote

Joe The Plumber Campaigning On Specter's EFCA Vote

Even though Sen. Arlen Specter has let it be known that he will opposed the Employee Free Choice Act if that legislation comes to a vote, the battle to persuade him rages on.

On Wednesday the AFL-CIO issued not-so-subtle political threats to the Pennsylvania Republican. The labor federation announced plans to flood Specter's office with letters, calls and visits and potentially run advertisements pushing the Senator to change his mind.

On Thursday, the opposing side followed suit, bringing out Joe the Plumber (among others) to urge Specter to vote against the union-backed legislation.

In an advisory to the press, the pro-business Americans for Prosperity announced that, as part of its nationwide tour, they would be making stops in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia, during which the crew would be joined by the world's most famous non-licensed plumber and current conservative poster boy.

From the official press release:

Americans for Prosperity's National Save My Ballot Tour Travels to
Pennsylvania, Mar. 30-31
Wednesday, March 25th 2009

Americans for Prosperity's National Save My Ballot Tour Travels to Pennsylvania, Mar. 30-31

Events in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philadelphia will feature special guest speaker Joe the Plumber

AFP urges Senator Sen. Arlen Specter to vote against Employee Free Choice Act

HARRISBURG─ Americans for Prosperity (AFP) will defend workers' rights to cast secret ballots in Pennsylvania as part of its nationwide Save My Ballot tour in opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act, also known as "card check," which would strip workers of their rights in union organizing elections.

"Some lawmakers want to abolish private ballot elections through the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act, and allow unions to organize just by collecting signatures on union cards. This would give them the ability to pressure and intimidate workers in public," said AFP President Tim Phillips. "We support the secret ballot so every worker has the right to vote on such an important matter without coercion or retaliation."

AFP will be joined by Joe the Plumber in taking its Save My Ballot Tour across Pennsylvania-- Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia-- to urge U.S. Senator Arlen Specter to vote against card check legislation.

"Senator Specter may be the deciding vote on this key piece of legislation," said Phillips. "We need to send him a strong message that the so-called Employee Free Choice Act is an enormous assault on our democratic values and on our rights here in Pennsylvania and across the nation."

Beginning in North Carolina, the nationwide tour kicked off in Greensboro and Raleigh last month where over 500 citizens urged Senator Kay Hagan to vote 'no' on card check legislation. After Pennsylvania, the tour will travel to Virginia and Arkansas.

Speakers will include business, community, and political leaders concerned about what "card check" legislation could do to hurt economic prosperity in Pennsylvania.

All events are free and open to the public. Food will be served.

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