Joe The Plumber Makes McCain Ad, Takes More Questions Than Palin

Joe The Plumber Makes McCain Ad, Takes More Questions Than Palin

It was bound to happen. A day after a man nicknamed "Joe the Plumber" became the focus of the political world, the McCain campaign cut a commercial hoping to ride his supporter's fifteen minutes of fame.

Titled "Joe the Plumber", the spot is strictly for the web -- meaning the McCain camp is hoping for the media to fall all over itself chasing the story line. There are digs are Barack Obama to accompany the message. But its hard to imagine people paying any attention to this story beyond the meteoric rise of a random plumber from Ohio.

On a side note, Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher, who took questions from the media outside his home on Thursday morning, has now taken more impromptu press questions than the Republican nominee for vice president.

Certainly, McCain sees his new sidekick as a political winner. At a rally in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, the Senator declared Joe the Plumber, not himself, the winner of Thursday night's debate.

"He won, and small businesses won across America," McCain said. "They won because the American people won't let Sen. Obama raise their taxes in a tough economy. They're not going to let him do it, my friends."

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