Joe The Plumber On Running For Office: "God ... Was Like, 'No.'"

Joe The Plumber On Running For Office: "God ... Was Like, 'No.'"

Joe the Plumber is planning a Tea Party tour for the Fourth of July holiday, World Net Daily reports.

Samuel Wurzelbacher first gained notoriety during the presidential campaign and quickly became one of the GOP's favorite mascots. But after an embarrassing turn at "war reporting and a slew of offensive public remarks," Joe's star has faded and he's been forced to settle for performing at ever more fringe events.

Over the July 4th weekend, Wurzelbacher is scheduled to make appearances at a number of Tea parties in Texas.

The anti-tax Tea Party fad began this spring and has led to events all over the country.

Greg Holloway, one of the organizers of the upcoming Austin, Texas Tea Party where Wurzelbacher is slated to speak, told WND that they invited Joe the Plumber to speak because "he's a good example of what a grassroots movement should be about. "

Wurzelbacher himself also spoke to WND. He had some political advice for ordinary Americans:

"Learn the Constitution. Then when someone wants to be elected, hold their feet to the fire and make them follow it because that's what we need to get back to. It works so well when we follow it."

Wurzelbacher said the Tea Parties are a perfect example of true grassroots politics.

"I'm cynical by nature, but I am also very hopeful because I see people from the Left and the Right showing up to these tea parties," he said. "You have people, bikers, union members and guys in three-piece suits showing up to these things."

Joe also told the WND reporter that God has determined that Joe the Plumber's destiny lies outside of public office. Asked if he would considering running for political office, he said, "I hope not. You know, I talked to God about that and he was like, 'No.'"

"I just know whenever I fall off his path, things get really hard," he said. "So I just stick with what God tells me to do."

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