Joe The Plumber Confronted By Union Workers, Gets Stumped On Policy (VIDEO)

Joe The Plumber Confronted By Union Workers, Gets Stumped On Policy (VIDEO)

"Horny" attention-monger Samuel J. "Joe the 'Plumber'" Wurzelbacher has been asked by Americans For Prosperity to serve as the group's labor-busting shill in the campaign against the Employee Free Choice Act, which would allow labor unions to form through both a secret ballot or by card-check -- a choice that would reduce instances of anti-union intimidation common to the formative stages of organizing. And, as with almost all things related to Joe The Plumber -- like war reporting and taxes and probably plumbing -- ol' Joe just walks in front of cameras and flaunts the fact that he doesn't know a blessed thing about what he's talking about and doesn't plan to change. (I say "almost all things" because I had hoped that he had found his true calling as a digital teevee conversion spokesmodel, which he was actually okay at.)

Anyway, via Greg Sargent, here's a video of a reporter from Keystone Progress attempting to divine what, if anything, Wurzelbacher knows about the labor law issues he's spokesmodeling for now. SPOILER ALERT: HE DOES NOT KNOW A BLESSED THING, GAH. What Joe knows how to do, apparently, is dodge questions, say the word "brother" over and over again like he's Desmond from Lost, and bleat senselessly about how "it's all about America." It's no wonder that actual plumbers hate this phony like he was feline leukemia.


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