Joe The Plumber Tells Conservatives: "I'm Horny"

Joe the Plumber -- real name Samuel Wurzelbacher -- told a crowd of conservatives Thursday night that their love was getting him all hot and bothered.

"God, all this love and everything in the room -- I'm horny," declared Joe.

Wurzelbacher had taken the stage to a standing ovation at the annual "DisHonors" Awards, presented by the Media Research Center, to poke fun liberal media groups. But the "horny" declaration didn't go over too well, according to the Washington Post.

Buzz immediately commenced.

"Did Joe the Plumber really just say he's horny?" "Did you hear Joe say 'horny'?" "Why is he horny and why is he telling us?" ...

After declaring he was horny, Joe mumbled a few other things about being the "token redneck" and the media loving him, and then sat back down in a sea of conservative luminaries that included G. Gordon Liddy, former Attorney General Ed Meese, radio talk show host Mark Levin, Fox News' Brit Hume and former House speaker (for half a minute) Bob Livingston.

Since debuting during the presidential campaign as the face of an "average Joe," Wurzelbacher has kept himself busy, talking strategy with conservative groups and doling out criticism for RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

"Unfortunately, we have a chairman up there who wants to redefine conservatism; he wants to make it hip hop, put it in a new package and sell it," Wurzelbacher said. "You can't sell principles; either you have them or you don't."


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