Joe the Plumber Uber Roundup: Can I Call You Joe? VIDEOS >>

My friends, we're all becoming fast friends with Joe....


We repeat, Joe, you are not a flash in the pan. You are an unlicensed plumber for the ages.

AP video: Joe speaks from his front yard. Dispels rumors that he is "a plant" and calls himself "blunt."

AP video: 'Plumbing' the depths of Joe's mind. More Joe from his front lawn.

CBS News: Joe: Obama Would Lower Taxes
Joe Wurzelbacher was launched into the national spotlight after being used as an example in a debate. Wyatt Andrews does a Reality Check on how each candidate would affect Joe "The Plumber."

CBS News: McCain Highlights Plumber Joe
McCain talks Joe on Letterman, zippy clips of McCain reiterating Joe-Joe-Joe at the debate. And is Joe really a "flash in the pan?"

AP video: McCain: Joe the Plumber was debate's winner
McCain's secret code for: I'm getting the hell out of this race, Joe can have the presidency.


CBS News goes to Joe the Plumber's house! With interview: Ohio resident Joe Wurzelbacher was mentioned in the last presidential debate more than two dozen times (26 to be precise, the economy 16 times). After the debate, he urged Americans to learn the issues before voting, reports Jennifer Boresz.

Your opinion is not given to you by your union steward, your opinion is not given to you by MTV -- you really need to find out the facts.

Joe on HuffPo: Obama Tap Dances Like "Sammy Davis Jr."
In a phone interview with CBS' Katie Couric, Joe Wurzelbacher said Barack Obama "tap dance[d] ... almost as good as Sammy Davis Jr." in their conversation. Watch>>

Spin Room: What about 'Joe the Plumber'?
An Ohio man looking to buy a plumbing business was thrust into the spotlight at the third and final debate between the presidential candidates. Both candidates say they can help 'Joe the plumber'. (Oct. 15)

Joe the Plumber videoed in his living room!

Obama is a damn good speaker... Obama's proposal scare me because it's just one more step towards socialism.

Say it ain't so, Joe. Say it ain't so...

Joe on HuffPo: "Joe the Plumber" Not Voting for McCain What do the Ohio voter rolls have to say? Read >>

NBC Mobile, AL News: Joe the Plumber -- one little sound bite here for burgeoning fans of Joe -- can I call you Joe?

CLASSIC JOE THE PLUMBER -- THE ORIGINAL CLIP: Who is 'Joe the Plumber'? He is Joe Wurzelbacher, an Ohio man looking to buy a plumbing business who came to symbolize the notion of 'spreading the wealth' in Wednesday night's third and final presidential debate. (Oct.16)

JOE THE PLUMBER DEBATE CLIP: The star of Wednesday's final presidential debate? John McCain? Barack Obama? -- no, Joe the plumber. The final face-to-face clash between the two fierce White House rivals granted an unexpected 15 minutes of fame to Joe Wurzelbacher.

YouTube poster m1media "Not associated with the DNC or the RNC but rather the Common Sense Party! God Bless America!" Fox News:
Shocking Video, Barack Obama Admits He Is A Socialist - Obama tells plumber that he wants to "Spread The Wealth Around" Joe The Plumber Rocks!