Joe The Plumber Vs. CNN's Rick Sanchez: "You're Asking Me Insane Questions"

Joe The Plumber Vs. CNN's Rick Sanchez: "You're Asking Me Insane Questions"

Joe the Plumber, in his last media tour of (one can hope) this election cycle, took to CNN this afternoon to make the case for his candidate John McCain. Only things didn't exactly go as planned. Host Rick Sanchez began asking a whole host of questions on sensitive topics like: Why don't you have a plumber's license? Why haven't you paid your taxes? Why is a hospital in South Carolina asking you for $1,100 in payments? And why does someone making far less than $250,000 have a problem with taxes being raised on those in the top income brackets?

Joe, not surprisingly, was none too pleased with having the grilling turned on him. "You're asking me all these insane questions," he said, shooting back that Sanchez never applied the same scrutiny to Barack Obama. Joe called Sanchez's inquiries "ridiculous" and at one point pleaded, "Why don't you ask what I'm going to do now?"

Here is the clip:

And here is the transcript of the heated/humorous exchange.

Why are you vetting me out and you haven't done this for Obama? You are asking me all these insane questions I asked a question of an elected public official and you are going to ask me these questions? That's kind of ridiculous man.

You have gone on the air and endorsed John McCain, you are no longer just joe private person, you have thrust yourself into this campaign by holding news conferences talking to reporters and endorsing a candidate. You have to be asked the tough questions my friend. That's the way it works in this country

Well, ask good questions then. Why don't you ask what I'm going to do now?

Both individuals, it seems, make valid points. But did Joe really think he could go on the stump, call Obama a socialist and a fatal threat to Israel and not expect any push-back?

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