Joe Walsh Was Apparently Kicked Off His Own Radio Show For Using Racial Slurs

Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Illinois), the outspoken, tea party-backed congressman who was ousted in 2012 after just one term in Congress, went on a Twitter rampage Thursday evening after being kicked off his own radio program for using racial slurs on-air.

Walsh, who has hosted "The Joe Walsh Show" on a conservative Chicago radio station since early 2013, took to Twitter to complain about being cut off by the station's management. Walsh, by his own account, used several epithets during a discussion on the Redskins' controversial name, including the n-word:

Walsh says he was then told he would be removed from the airwaves:

Walsh is no stranger to controversy.

Earlier this year, he accused gay rights activists of being "constitutional terrorists" during the debate over a proposed Arizona bill allowing businesses to refuse to serve LGBT customers on religious grounds. In 2013, he encouraged Americans to "break the law" in protest of the Affordable Care Act. And during his 2012 reelection battle, he repeatedly leveled sexist attacks at Democratic opponent Tammy Duckworth.

The ex-congressman also has a history of racially-charged remarks. In 2012, he claimed that Democrats want Hispanic Americans to "be dependent on government, just like they got African Americans dependent on government." Earlier that same year, he claimed President Barack Obama was only elected because of his race.



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