Joe Wilson Congratulates Tim Scott With Embarrassing Misspelling (PHOTO)

GOP Congressman Wishes South Carolina's New Senator 'Congratualtions'

The Republican congressman best known for interrupting President Barack Obama by shouting "you lie" during a major speech made an embarrassing mistake Monday on his campaign Twitter account.

"Congratualtions Senator Tim Scott!" proclaimed a photo that was tweeted from the account belonging to Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), @CongJoeWilson:

joe wilson tim scott misspelling

Wilson's misspelling prompted a flurry of jokes on Twitter, perhaps none funnier than one tweeted by The Atlantic's David A. Graham:

And that's not the only mistake: At the bottom of the image, the URL for Wilson's campaign Facebook page is also misspelled: ""

Scott, currently a fellow congressman from South Carolina, was announced Monday as the successor to Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.)., who is stepping down early next year to run the Heritage Foundation. Scott will hold the seat until a special election is held in 2014. He'll become the Senate's only African American.

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