Joe Wilson 'You Lie' Slogan Etched Onto Line Of Assault Rifle Components

Joe Wilson 'You Lie' Slogan Etched Onto Line Of Assault Rifle Components

Rep. Joe Wilson's (R-S.C.) health care-era "you lie" interruption of President Obama is now reportedly being commemorated with a place on a new, limited edition line of assault rifle components.

The Columbia Free Times reports that the words are being engraved on a series of lower receivers manufactured for popular AR-15 assault rifles. Lower receivers are one of the primary pieces of the firearms.

"Palmetto State Armory would like to honor our esteemed congressman Joe Wilson with the release of our new 'You Lie' AR-15 lower receiver," the weapon manufacturer's site writes in the product description. "Only 999 of these will be produced, get yours before they are gone!"

Wilson caused a commotion in September of 2009 when he disrupted a key health care speech by Obama in which the president claimed that the impending health care reform legislation wouldn't provide coverage for undocumented immigrants.

The South Carolina Republican later apologized.

Also check out South Carolina blog Fits News for more on the commemorative gun units, as well as how they could play into Obama's planned visit to the Palmetto State later this year.

UPDATE: The Free Times reports that the rifle parts are no longer available for purchase.

As of Jan. 12 the webpage for the "You lie" etched rifle component is no longer available. Screen shots of the page are below. Palmetto State Armory president Jamin McCullam was not immediately available for comment.

WATCH Joe Wilson's "You Lie":

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