Joe Wos Attempts To Create World's Largest Hand-Drawn Maze (VIDEO)

The writing is on the wall: Joe Wos is halfway to setting a world record for largest hand-drawn maze.

Wos, a Pittsburgh-based cartoonist and performer, started his long, twisted road to the amazing record on July 27. Since then, he figures he's spent 40 hours creating a maze that, when finished, will be 35 feet long and 4 feet high.

"It's not easy," he told Huffington Post. "One path has to remain open, but I have to keep about five paths available just in case I draw myself into a wrong path. And that will be terrible for the person who actually solves the maze because they may spend up to 30 minutes going down a wrong path as well."

The path to world record immortality is fraught with other road blocks as well, thanks to his day job at the Toonseum, a museum dedicated to cartooning, and a career as a touring performer.

""I can't do it at hour-long stretches," he said. "I need complete concentration to do this."

He also needs someone to complete it, because, after all, what good is drawing the world's largest maze if no one is going to attempt it?

At first, he had no takers from his friends and family, but as word has gotten around about his efforts, he's starting to get folks willing to devote as many as 40 hours to finish the maze.

"I've received 20 emails from people around the country wanting to solve the maze," he said. "I'm thinking of taking it on tour and letting one person in each city attempt to solve it. Of course, I'd use a plastic overlay so people aren't drawing on the actual maze."

If all goes well, Wos will set the Guinness world maze record by the end of the year. As much as that possiblity excites him, he has an even bigger goal in mind.

"I want 50-year-old dads to stop hitting their kids's shoulders [when they see the maze] and saying 'Hey look, that's a-maz-ing'," he told the Wall Street Journal. "They all think they're the first one."

CORRECTION: An earlier version of the story incorrectly printed Wos' last name as "Vos."



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