Former NYC Chancellor Of Education Joel Klein Describes How To Best Reform America's Education System

How To Best Reform America's Education System

Former New York City chancellor of education Joel Klein says the U.S. school system needs a serious makeover, and he has some strong opinions about how it should be done.

In a HuffPost Live interview on Monday, Klein shared his thoughts on the best ways to reform education, starting with the perception of teaching as a profession.

"Let’s make teaching like lawyers and like doctors -- a well-respected profession. Let’s really get really top-notch people going into the profession," he told host Nancy Redd.

The Lessons Of Hope author also suggested the implementation of a stringent "national bar exam" to hold teachers to higher standards -- standards that he said should come with a better paycheck as well.

"Let’s pay teachers a lot more for great work. Not just pay them across the board, but those that are really great," he said.

Klein, who has touted charter schools as a means to help children from low-income families access a quality education without location-based constraints, stressed the importance of choice in a child’s education.

"Choice just can’t be a thing for the middle-class communities and the wealthy, who go to private schools or move into the neighborhoods with great schools," he said. "Give [students] a range of schools they can go to and let them pick them. … Why should poor people be told, ‘You only get one shot?'"

Watch the full HuffPost Live interview with Joel Klein here.

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