Joel McHale Says He Dislocated Chevy Chase's Shoulder In A Fight On The 'Community' Set

During a podcast interview, McHale recalled things getting "contentious" with Chase while shooting the NBC sitcom.

Friction on the set of “Community” once ended with Joel McHale injuring comedian Chevy Chase during a physical altercation, according to McHale.

During an appearance on the “Inside of You” podcast last month, the star of NBC’s junior college sitcom talked about Chase and his cantankerous reputation.

Sharing his feelings about the “Saturday Night Live” alum, McHale told host Michael Rosenbaum that an entire chapter of his 2016 memoir details a “step by step” guide “on how to fight Chevy Chase.”

When a shocked Rosenbaum pressed McHale to say whether the squabbles were “fistfights” or verbal spats, the “Animal Control” star said he had “multiple” physical altercations with Chase, now 80.

Actor Joel McHale had some rough recollections of working with "Community" co-star Chevy Chase.
Actor Joel McHale had some rough recollections of working with "Community" co-star Chevy Chase.
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“There was pushing and shoving,” he said, then joking, “It was an advanced horseplay. You know, horseplay ... then it always turned into sex.”

McHale said that the incidents “would get a little contentious” and that he once “got in trouble” for dislocating Chase’s shoulder.

Asked if Chase was aware he can be an “asshole,” the former host of “The Soup” wryly told Rosenbaum, “I would assume so.”

Chase’s representatives did not immediately return HuffPost’s request for comment about McHale’s account.

The “Vacation” actor was a lead on “Community” for the first four seasons, from 2009 to 2013, before shifting to a guest role in the fifth season and skipping the sixth season entirely.

It seems both Chase and his co-stars were fine with his exit.

After the comic complained that he “didn’t want to be surrounded” by his “Community” cast mates in a September 2023 interview with Marc Maron, McHale snapped back by telling him, “The feeling’s mutual, bud.”

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