Brazil's Tallest Man Finds Love With 5-Foot-Tall Sweetheart

Growing up, Joelison Fernandes da Silva thought finding love would be a tall order.

The 7-foot, 8-inch Brazilian grew up with low self-esteem after being bullied as a teen.

DaSilva, 28, even dropped out of school and avoided interpersonal contact to avoid being stared at -- not easy when you're Brazil's tallest man.

"I saw myself as abnormal," DaSilva told Barcroft TV.

DaSilva had an operation seven years to remove a benign tumor on his pituitary gland that stopped his growth.

Since then, his confidence has grown and so has his circle of admirers, one of whom caught his eye: 5-foot-tall Evem Medeiros, 21.

"The day I saw her, I think it was love at first sight," DaSilva said, according to the Metro.

Medeiros admits her dad almost short-circuited when he met her very tall boyfriend.

"He told me 'Daughter, I told you to get a man, a great man. You exaggerated,'" she said, according to the Metro.

The two lovebirds have since married and are facing many of the challenges new couples face, including attempting to have children.

But there is a huge issue that DaSilva faces every day from people who meet the couple for the first time.

"Some people like to talk about my shoe size and then imagine how big my member might be," he said, according to "I think the size of my feet is false advertising. Our love life is normal. We adapt. Lying down. everyone is my size."

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