23 Signs You're Actually In A Relationship With Food

Who needs a bae when you have baecon? 👅 💦

The kind of love you have with food is probably the ultimate definition of relationship goals. Food is the best listener, a source of comfort, and (most importantly) always there for you and your taste buds. And what better way to capture your mouth-watering relationship with food than with Joey Tribbiani narrating the whole love story? 

  • 1 The closest you come to finding true love is always with food.
  • 2 Your love for food goes above and beyond the five-second rule.
  • 3 You are loud and proud when it comes to your edible bae.
  • 4 In your world, every pizza is a personal pizza.
  • 5 Your heart is always open and ready for more noms.
  • 6 What you have with food is more passionate than most relationships you know.
  • 7 And definitely more committed, too.
  • 8 You're not afraid to try new and adventurous flavors.
  • 9 You see nothing wrong with a little ~sweet~ foreplay.
  • 10 Your idea of a hot date requires cutlery and a hearty appetite.
  • 11 And if it's not edible, you're not into it.
  • 12 Your relationship with food is strictly monogamous.
  • 13 And when someone steals food off your plate, it's basically like getting cheated on.
  • 14 Because your food is for your mouth (and heart) only.
  • 15 And God forbid if anyone dares to indulge in your favorite eats without you. That's also like getting cheated on, right? Right.
  • 16 You own elastic waistband pants for ~special occasions.~
  • 17 And you're more than happy to date multiple dishes at a time.
  • 18 No meal is too much for you to handle. The way you see it, more food just means more for you to love.
  • 19 Your priorities revolve entirely around when the next meal is happening.
  • 20 The thought of ever having to choose between food and sex is absolutely brutal.
  • 21 You always come prepared to meet a new and delicious snack to munch on.
  • 22 You've been known to get disturbingly "hangry" when having food withdrawal.
  • 23 You've experienced a foodgasm or two in your time.


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