Joey Fatone Cruelly Destroys *NSYNC Fans' Super Bowl Reunion Dreams

“If I was doing something, I’d be in rehearsals," Fatone says.

Do the words “Joey Fatone” mean “buzzkill” in Italian?

Because the former *NSYNC member just ruined the hopes and dreams of fans hoping the 1990s boy band would reunite at the Super Bowl during Justin Timberlake’s halftime show.

Fatone threw cold water on that possibility when talking to TMZ over the weekend outside of Delilah, a swanky West Hollywood nightspot.

“I’m here,” he says in the video below. “If I was doing something, I’d be in rehearsals, so, obviously, there’s your proof ― nothing!”

It should be noted that Fatone was wearing an *NSYNC T-shirt during the interview, so maybe he’s not given up the dream just yet.

Still, the “no reunion” song is a different tune than the one Fatone sang in October when he hinted that *NSYNC could reunite on stage at Super Bowl LII.

To be fair, Fatone qualified things by saying all the pieces would have to fall into place, but promised, if everything worked, “Then we do it ... it’s pretty simple.”

Here’s the video with the soul-crushing comments:



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