Joey Quits: Guy Quits His Job With The Help Of 'What Cheer?' Band (VIDEO)

WATCH: Guy Quits Job In The Most Awesome Way Possible

We've all been there. Sometimes you just want to give your boss the big... brass band.

Wait, what?

That's what Joey, a [former] employee at a Providence hotel did when he enlisted some of his bandmates in the 19-piece What Cheer? Brigade to help him make a memorable exit from a job he's had for more than three years.

Watch with anticipation as Joey waits with the musicians for his boss to appear so they can serenade him.

In July, an employee at a KFC/Taco Bell quit in a quieter, although equally spectacular manner when he wrote "**** You" to his boss on the restaurant's outdoor readerboard.

And like that disgruntled fast food employee, Joey can now call himself a member of the "awesome way to quit your job" club.

WATCH: "Joey Quits" below.

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