With 'Alive,' Pop Artist Joey Suarez Reflects On The Purpose Of Pride

The Los Angeles-based singer hopes his new single is a reminder of "how important it is to thrive in life" despite challenges.

Singer Joey Suarez is reflecting on his whirlwind tour of LGBTQ Pride festivals in a new single and music video.

HuffPost got an exclusive first look at “Alive,” viewable above. The video serves as a colorful, behind-the-scenes recap of Suarez’s Oct. 14 performance at Las Vegas Pride, an experience he said “helped me find purpose, both on- and off-stage.” 

“I was beyond ecstatic to visit so many diverse communities, one of which was Vegas,” the 26-year-old Texas native, who now resides in Los Angeles, told HuffPost. “And man, what a way to end a tour!”

A former model, Suarez has been carving out a space for himself in the dance music realm following his 2016 debut single, “High in the Sky.” He followed up the release of that track with a three-song EP, “Candy Kid,” a year later. 

In the meantime, he’s become a sought-after performer at LGBTQ Pride events across the country. Along with his Las Vegas stop, his 2019 trek saw him taking the stage in cities that included New York, Detroit and Pittsburgh. 

Joey Suarez (right) wrapped his 2019 tour of LGBTQ Pride festivals in October. 
Joey Suarez (right) wrapped his 2019 tour of LGBTQ Pride festivals in October. 

As for “Alive,” the song reflects how he came to terms with his sexuality, as well as how others close to him have dealt with addiction and diabetes, among other challenges. 

“All of these obstacles represent moments in life that we can overcome together,” he said, adding that he hoped to remind listeners “how important it is to thrive in life because we are still alive.”

The track, he said, will be featured on a remix album slated for release later this year.  He’s currently at work on a music video for the song “Changing History,” an as-yet-unreleased duet with fellow pop artist Jaki Nelson slated for early 2020.

Also planned for next year, he said, is a new YouTube series that will explore his artistic journey. 

Suarez, who has cited Beyoncé and Troye Sivan as influences, has always had a flair for electronic dance music. He hopes to delve further into the genre on future recordings. 

“I like music that makes you happy and makes you want to move,” he told HuffPost in 2016. “If it doesn’t, then I’m not interested.”