3 Women In Body Paint Are In This Picture Of A Lone Wolf

Howl the hell?

This will give you paws.

A painting that appears to be of a howling wolf is actually three women covered in body paint. Artist Johannes Stötter has utilized a combo of body paint and shading to cleverly conceal a trio of models named Valeria Hasler, Nina Mur and Nina Rhomberg.

If you look closely at the picture, which is actually a moving sculpture, it’s hard to identify where the models are. You can kind of see the back of a woman acting as the wolf’s belly, and even a foot subbing in for a tail. But nothing can prepare you for the sculpture’s brain-melting deconstruction:

The reason why the Italian-born Stötter is so successful in his attempt to pack three ladies into an image of a lone wolf is because he’s pretty much a body-painting baller.

He’s made similar sculptures of a fish, frog and even camouflaged a few folks into a sculpture of a chameleon. He’s also tackled inanimate objects like rocks and stacks of wood.

According to The Telegraph, Stötter spends five months planning each creation and some take up to eight hours to complete.

But his hard work has paid off, in 2012 he won the title of Bodypainting World Champion, though, it seems some people never got the memo.

“I think most people don’t realize that this is a human being,” he joked on his Facebook page about one of sculptures of a scarlet macaw. “Some of my closest friends are trying to find out why I posted the photo of a parrot.”



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