John Boehner Tears Up During Catholic University Commencement Speech (VIDEO)

House Speaker John Boehner teared up while giving the commencement address at Catholic University on Saturday.

The Ohio Republican, whose tearful tendencies are well documented, got emotional while recalling how he went to church on the morning of his leadership election in 2006 and asked the Virgin Mary whether he was ready for the job. He said he found "no answers" in the church but later got a call from Gerry Faust, his former high school football coach who went on to coach at the University of Notre Dame.

"It was old Coach Faust, calling to wish me luck, and telling me you can do it," a weepy Boehner told graduates. "You know I've never gotten a call from the Blessed Mother before and I don't think I ever will, but I got to tell you it was pretty darn close."


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