John Boehner Defends Crying & Smoking

House Speaker John Bohener defended his aptness to cry and habit of smoking during an appearance on this weekend's edition of "Fox News Sunday."

"I wear my emotions on my sleeve," he said when asked to respond to critics who say his tendency to shed tears makes him look "weak" or "strange." "I'm not going to apologize for being emotionally attached to the things I feel most strongly about."

It's only the latest time Boehner has discussed the waterworks since he wept on election night last year when Republicans retook control of the House.

When asked to address his tobacco use he responded, "Why do you bring this up again?" He added, "It's a legal product. I choose to smoke it. Leave me alone."

Boehner spoke about the matter during an interview with NBC's Brian Williams earlier this month. Here's an excerpt of the exchange:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Personal question. You're a smoker. And not just a smoker, you're a pretty committed smoker. I've got one in my own family. We all know 'em. Do you think it's fair game as a topic given smoking's prominence in the health care debate? Or do you think it should be nobody's business and a matter of personal privilege for you?

JOHN BOEHNER: Well, it just is what it is. That's my take on it. You know, it's a bad habit. I wish I didn't have it. But I have it.



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