John Boehner Sworn In As Speaker: The Twittersphere Reacts

Lawmakers officially tapped John Boehner to be Speaker of the House as the 112th Congress was sworn in today, and as expected, the Twittersphere responded with a flurry of opinions.

Not surprisingly, the majority of Tweeters mused about Boehner's tanned complexion and penchant for waterworks. In addition to the expected #Boehner and #Boehner trends, hashtags from #Weeperofthehouse to #Cryingman to #DukeofOrange made appearances. As our new leader sniffed back tears, even the likes of conservative blogger Michelle Malkin warned him to "Hold. It. Together."

Fans praised Boehner's unassuming, "un-pompous" speech, while critics slammed him for championing the people, suggesting he's more beholden to corporate interests than populist.

See our favorite reactions below, and be sure to vote for yours. Did we miss a great tweet? Let us know in the comments section.

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