John Bolton and Judy Miller Breakfast at the Waldorf... As His Confirmation Battle Looms

At 7:30 this morning, John Bolton was having breakfast at Oscar's at the Waldorf with Judy Miller. I wonder whether his upcoming confirmation battle was on the menu. Here's a reminder of what is at stake in this fight: John Bolton, who embodies this administration's dangerous, arrogant, and increasingly costly imperial foreign policy is up for confirmation in mid-September, having failed to be confirmed back in July 2005, and getting his job only because of a presidential recess appointment.

If the Democrats want a simple clear narrative in their opposition to the Bush foreign policy, they must filibuster Bolton's nomination. So far it's hard to find senators on the record on the subject, although we hear that Senators Clinton and Schumer are leaning toward no filibuster. Who among the Democrats has enough moral spine and concern for the safety of this country to take the lead in this looming battle?

As for Judy Miller's relationship with Bolton, it goes a long way back...

Update: Photos of Bolton leaving the breakfast meeting here.