Twitter Users Not Impressed By John Bolton Threat To Run For President

Donald Trump’s former national security adviser probably won't get any support from Republicans or anyone else.

Like many Americans, John Bolton, Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, was upset by the former president’s recent call for the “termination” of articles of the Constitution so he could reinstalled as Chief Executive.

But many Twitter users weren’t impressed by his solution to the Trump problem: His own presidential run.

On Monday, Bolton condemned Trump on Twitter for suggesting the Constitution should be overturned in order to satisfy his unproven election fraud claims.

He also threatened to run against Trump in 2024 if other GOP candidates didn’t repudiate the former president’s un-American suggestion to suspend the nation’s top legal document.

Bolton probably thought his threat to run would be attractive to voters who want a so-called principled conservative running for the nation’s top office, but, in the process, he ignored a little thing known as “reality.”

Truth is, Bolton doesn’t appeal to anyone.

Republicans don’t like him because he criticized Trump’s ability as a president. Even those who don’t like Trump blame Bolton for being more interested in selling books than testifying under oath to Congress in Trump’s first impeachment trial.

Not surprisingly, there was much Twitter mockery.

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