John Boyega Had No Time For Pouty Men On International Women's Day

"I'm just not talking about frigging men today!"
Finn the Feminist? 
Finn the Feminist? 

"Star Wars" actor John Boyega had some choice words for trolls on Instagram. 

In honor of International Women's Day on Tuesday, Boyega posted this inspiring statement onto his account: 


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And true to form, trolls were quick to respond.

A quick scroll through the comments section brought up such gems as, "When people regardless of gender support each other even better things happen," "Great things don't happen if they just work with other women. They might become biased and start the dark path to feminaziism," and "most feminist are really disrespectful."

Shortly after his initial post -- and the ridiculous comments it inspired -- Boyega posted another statement putting the aforementioned trolls rightly in their place:

Kind regards.

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And Boyega is entirely correct: Praising women does not harm frigging men.


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