John Buckland, Troy Marcum Save Cat From Burning Building While Dressed As Superheroes

Batman, Captain America Save Cat From Burning Building

Meow do you think superheroes are real?

John Buckland and Troy Marcum were in costume for an event for children and veteran's at an American Legion Post. The event took a dramatic turn when "the vets came over, said they saw some smoke," Buckland, who was dressed as The Dark Knight, told WSAZ.

The former firefighter realized by the color of the smoke that the blaze wasn't just burning trash, as the vets initially suspected, but a house on fire.

“I said [to Marcum] ‘Captain, I need you to find the biggest rock you can find, and throw it through that window right there to let some of this smoke out of that front room,’” Buckland said.

The two men busted into the building, trying to determine if anyone was inside. "As I can start to see," Buckland told WCHSTV, "I reach down and grab something furry."

The cat, who had passed out from smoke inhalation, woke up after Buckland gave it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He noted that as soon as the unappreciative feline woke up, it hissed at him.

The homeowners were away at the time of the fire, which officials say was the result of electrical problems.

Buckland is the owner of "Heroes 4 Higher," a company designed to "bring a positive motivational message for the children that may help shape their future." From the H4H website:

We believe that children and adults enjoy heroes and gain inspiration from them. We want to use this platform to bring the heroes to your event or child's party … The Hero will bring the message for the children to "Be The Hero" to their community. He will reinforce the message of doing good deeds and doing the right thing in their lives as they grow up so as to make our community a better place.

Medics at the scene had Buckland remove his Batman mask so they could make sure he was OK, but Buckland made all the children who saw promise not to reveal "who Batman really is."

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