It looks like some of the critics aren't being much kinder to Disney's $250 million version ofthan they were to the 99 cent adaptation I acted in previously.
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I really didn't mean for it to happen. It wasn't my intention.

Somewhere in my heart of hearts I was worried that I might be doing something wrong but I believed the voices of those around me who said "No, it'll be artistic, no it'll be creative. You'll look beautiful. We have a very limited budget but honest, you'll be proud."

Worse comes to worst I thought, no one will see it. It'll go straight to DVD. Truth was I needed the cash. I've got a three-year-old and preschool is expensive. So I did it.

In spite of knowing better, I let hope triumph over knowledge gained in over two decades in show business. I made the film Princess of Mars with Antonio Sabato Jr. And it was bad, very bad.

At least that was what I was told. After watching the first two minutes I had to turn it off and hide under the covers. My friends told me I made the right choice... hiding I mean. It came out and vanished. I sighed a sigh of relief.

But now Disney is releasing John Carter, another take on Edgar Rice Burrows' classic Princess of Mars. I haven't seen the film yet but some of the reviews I've read start out by trashing the version I did. So much for hiding under the covers.

Unfortunately some of the critics aren't being much kinder to the $250 million version than they were to our 99 cent adaptation. I wish the Disney film well. It's heartbreaking when a project you've spent a lot of time and money on doesn't quite work. But sometimes the cast is not to blame. Bad movies happen to good actors too. At some time everyone has to pay the piper (or the preschool).

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