Here's More Proof John Cena Is The Biggest BTS Fan Ever

John Cena + BTS = 💕💖

John Cena’s love for K-pop band BTS certainly isn’t fake. 

A BTS fan account recently suggested the WWE wrestler step in as a bodyguard after the group endured a hectic visit to the Incheon International Airport near Seoul earlier this month. Fans reportedly got aggressive, trying to take photos of the band. 

Cena responded enthusiastically by using his iconic “you can’t see me” wrestling taunt and saying that he’s “#GotYourSix.”  

The wrestler’s tweet prompted a flood of praise from the band’s fans, known as the BTS Army. 

Cena has been a fierce fan of BTS for some time. He’s been known to post photos of the band and its members on his Instagram account.

The K-pop band is pretty fond of Cena as well. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, BTS members said they wanted to meet him in person and had seen him on TV when they were younger. Member RM called Cena the “best wrestler.”

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