WATCH: Jon Stewart Gets Body-Slammed By John Cena

Watch as the revenge-seeking wrestler gives the former talk show host an “Attitude Adjustment.”

Alas, Jon, that was an inevitability.

Wrestler John Cena is known to exact revenge on those who've wronged him, and he did just that on “Monday Night Raw,” schooling comedian Jon Stewart with his signature “Attitude Adjustment.”

“I’m just gonna do what I gotta do,” Cena said before hoisting the recently-retired “Daily Show” host onto his shoulders and body-slamming him to the ground.

While hosting WWE’S “SummerSlam” on Sunday, Stewart surprised fans by smacking Cena with a steel chair during the wrestler’s bout against Seth Rollins.

As CBS Sports notes, the move helped Rollins retain his World Heavyweight Championship and snag Cena's United States Championship belt as well.

On Monday, Stewart attempted to explain his chair-wielding aggression. As a wrestling fan, he simply could not bear to see Cena “tie the great Ric Flair … because, in my mind, ‘The Champ is Flair,’” Stewart said. “Not on my watch. Wasn't going to let it happen.”

Flair is a retired pro wrestler who clinched a record 16 world titles during his career. Cena is currently looking to tie that record.

Watch Cena’s takedown of Stewart in the video above.

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