John Chaney, Alleged Drunk Driver, Claims Ties To Pablo Escobar; Tries To Bribe Police

A Kendall man arrested for DUI and speeding in the Keys tried to get out his arrest by bribing authorities and bragging that he once worked as a hit man for Medellin cartel leader Pablo Escobar.

John Chaney, 64, was pulled over in the National Key Deer Refuge Thursday at 2:30 a.m. after his Hummer was clocked going 110mph, 75mph over the speed limit.

He told Deputy Juan Martin Reyes that he was in town because his company was doing road construction in Key West and that he was racing home to be with his 9 cats.

After Chaney had trouble walking and exiting his car, he failed roadside sobriety tests and later reportedly tested out at .149 and .146 for blood alcohol level, almost double the limit in Florida, according to KeysNet.

Officers also found a prescription bottle for Endocet in his pocket, but there was more than one kind of pill inside.

While at the detention center, Chaney told authorities that they should fear him, bragging about his criminal past.

He told them he once smuggled cocaine in the U.S. from Colombia, that he had been involved with drug kingpin Escobar, and he had murdered in the past.

After boasting that his construction contract with the city was worth $14 million, he offered Deputy Reyes $30,000 if he would tweak the results of his failed breathalyzer test.

Deputy Reyes told him his honor was not for sale and Chaney was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, fleeing and eluding police, bribery and possession of a controlled substance.

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