Monty Python Icon John Cleese Has 2 Brutal Questions For Evangelical Trump Fans

The comedy legend called the president "a sleazy, corrupt, egotistical and mendacious sociopath."

Comedy icon John Cleese has a pair of tough questions for evangelical voters who support President Donald Trump.

White evangelicals have been among Trump’s most ardent backers. A poll released earlier this month found 71 percent of them approve of the president.

That led to two questions from Cleese, sent via Twitter over the weekend:

When one person wrote that they voted for Trump solely due to his opposition to abortion, Cleese fired back:

Cleese has become a vocal Trump critic both on social media and at his performances. Earlier this year, Cleese said some Trump supporters have walked out on his act after he’s made jokes about the president.

His response? He gets the audience to applaud them as they leave.

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