John Cleese Talks Hair Transplants And Aging, Calls Kimmel Fat (VIDEO)

"Monty Python" legend John Cleese joined Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday to promote his role in "Pink Panther 2," and ended up hilariously describing his hair transplants, teeth implants and bum knee.

Cleese, 69, told Kimmel that "I'm old, or maybe I'm tired. They feel the same.

"When you get to this age things just drop off at dinner... I've had a knee operation. I've had a hair transplant - that's so you don't have to wear wigs... And my teeth are bad. I've got to have a lot of dental work."

He also detailed how the hair transplants work and showed the teeth that are fake.

When Kimmel related to falling apart physically, saying, "I'm a mess already," Cleese shot back, "Well you're overweight."