John Corabi: 'This Is Probably As High-Profile As The Mötley Crüe Gig'

Reflecting on his 25+ years in music, singer and guitarist John Corabi has no regrets on how it turned out. After a stint replacing Vince Neil as the lead singer for Mötley Crüe's self-titled album in 1994, Corabi has played in numerous successful and less successful bands and projects. Now fronting rock supergroup The Dead Daisies, who've just released their third album Make Some Noise, the singer says he's never been in so much demand. "Everything I've done, i've done for a reason. I've never cheated anybody out of anything, I've never lied about anything, i've never scammed anyone. I've always done what I thought was the right thing, even though it made my journey a little longer."