John Cornyn: More Americans Looking Back On Bush Years With 'Fondness'

In an interview with C-SPAN on Sunday, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) spoke of people's nostalgia for the days of the Bush Administration.

Cornyn, the chairman of the National Senatorial Committee, said that "President Bush's stock is going up a lot since he left office" due, in part, to the increase in the national deficit under the Obama Administration.

Cornyn said that although Bush "had his challenges," Republicans have learned a lot about what they could have done better in terms of fiscal responsibility.

"I think a lot of people are looking back with a little -- with more fondness on President Bush's administration, and I think history will treat him well."

C-SPAN's host asked what impact President Bush's book being released around the midterm elections will have for the Republicans and if it "will be a plus." Cornyn responded that he had not read it, but predicted it would be "intriguing" and "candid."

Watch the C-SPAN interview below: