What It's Like To Be A Parent At Disney World, In One Hilarious Video

“Forty-five dollars for bedazzled mouse ears?!"

Going to Disney World with your family can be magical ... and also a total drag.

Comedian John Crist captured the experience in a hilarious video in which he plays a dad going through a day at the beloved theme park.

Highlights include “Forty-five dollars for bedazzled mouse ears?! Baby, you want these or you want to go to college?” and “Oh, you want to go to A Small World all by yourself? Well, it’s gonna turn into a pretty big world when you come outside and can’t find your parents.”

Crist doesn’t have children of his own but likely drew inspiration from his experience growing up with seven siblings.

His video has clearly resonated with parents. It has more than 16 million views on Facebook, and the comments section is filled with responses from moms and dads sharing their own Disney adventures.

One commenter wrote, “I ... just took my kids there for the first time today. Literally never again. It was like wrangling sheep with a feather, in the center of a volcano.”

Too real.