John Cusack Tells Trump Fans: 'You Don't Support Troops More Than Me'

The actor was accused of staying seated during a military salute at Wrigley Field, but he insists he did rise.

John Cusack is rolling his eyes at critics, many of whom are apparent Trumpsupporters, who called him unpatriotic for seemingly staying seated during a military salute.

Cusack, 52, was at a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field when those around him stood for the 7th-inning recognition of U.S. armed forces.

Although a photo tweeted by a local news outlet shows him staying put, Cusack says he did rise— it just took him a minute.

“I stood up, just not on [cue] like an obedient pet,” he tweeted.

To another commenter, he replied, “Bulls―t. You don’t support troops more than me. I want them to come home. A―hole.”

He then labeled the far-right critics “flag-sucking halfwits. MAGA deathkkkultfreaks.”

Although he confirmed that he did actually stand, Cusack also emphasized that he is anti-war, tweeting, “Being anti-war — is pro-troops — pro-human.”

The actor has long been vocal about this stance; in 2005, he began penning blogs for HuffPost in opposition to the Iraq war and Bush administration.

The actor is a frequent Wrigley Field attendee. He was raised just outside Chicago and now lives there year-round.

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