John Deasy LAUSD: A Look Back At The Highs And Lows Of The Superintendent's First Year

Soon after signing on to be the superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, John Deasy warned The Huffington Post that he wouldn't put up with "anything that’s going to violate a kid’s right to graduate college. And there will be pushback for that. So buckle up."

As promised, it has been a bumpy ride for Deasy and the second largest school district in the nation. Among the innumerable challenges waiting for him when he came on board: massive budget deficits, a school food controversy, failing schools and a looming sex abuse crisis.

Because he came to the LAUSD from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and has ties to billionaire Eli Broad, he was initially viewed with suspicion and distrust by labor leaders who wondered if more schools would be converted into charters that would not hire unionized teachers.

But a recent Daily News editorial summing up his first year on the job called Deasy "controversial," "refreshing" and a potential change-maker -- as long as he's given free reign to continue being impetuous and impatient when it comes to improving schools.

Take a look back at the highs and lows of Deasy's first year as Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District and let us know in the comments below: Pass or Fail?